Power, Innovation, Compact, Efficiency

IPC PRO 100 is a power device solution in the form of a computer with powerful high-tech functionalities.




All your devices in one place

IPC PRO 100 is designed to be a hub to connect all your devices. The smart IPC PRO 100 comes with Quad USB 3.1, Dual HDMI, Dual USB 2.0, Dual Gigabit Ethernet and also RS232 connector and SIM card reader. With this many ports, efficiency is on point.

Get the best visual experience

IPC PRO 100 is equipped with an Intel Whiskey Lake processor with Intel HD graphics. It supports Dual HDMI graphic output and 4K (4096 x 2160) video. Experience the high quality of 4K UHD and the best visuals at home or at office.

Fast and cool, just like you!

Forget about all the old cooling systems that come in the way of working on your computer. IPC PRO 100 has a top-quality cooling CPU system, to keep the temperatures down and speed up the processor. No excuse to enjoy your time on your computer.

Innovative, space-saving design

The ultra-modern, minimalistic design with ultra-compact dimensions of the IPC PRO 100 makes it hard to live without your compact power computer. The new IPC PRO 100 can be also a useful stand for your tablet or phone while working at a comfortable angle.


Your powerful companion, anywhere and anytime

They say that the best things come in small packages, with IPC PRO 100, super-efficiency device that you can easily take anywhere.

Packed with up to 64GB of RAM memory DDR4 SO-DIMM and Dual-boot operating system on both Windows 10 Pro and Linux Mint, for faster rendering, easily working with massive files and running multiple software. And with the flexibility to be placed almost anywhere, it’s the obvious choice for the modern workplace.

No matter how big your files can get, IPC PRO 100 can carry them!

Your files and documents are too heavy? Don’t worry, IPC PRO 100 is packed with SSD storage of 2TB. No file is big enough to not fit inside the powerful computer.

Areas of usE

Professional and Industrial Use

The companies and professional structures ready to revolutionize  their workflow, can benefit from IPC PRO 100’s innovation.

It’s a device set up to replace processing machinery that takes a  lot of space and costs big amounts of money.

Our high-tech solution carries a combination of software and hardware and can easily control and monitor your manufacturing processes,  provide security for your servors and get connected to any  screen available to visualise the data that it contains.

It’s a big step for a future industrial world that uses intuitive  devices for even bigger tasks done faster.


To be used in designing planes, in flight management systems, and electronic instrument displays.

Medical Field

Where it can be used to manage hospital information system, data analysis in medicine, medical imaging laboratory computing...


For engineers, our strong device can help them design, test and make changes to products in minimal time.


Areas of usE

Personal Use

Easy to take anywhere, IPC PRO 100 will allow its user  to have a laptop experience in the form of a compact power computer.

Whether you’re inside the car, at your home or just  walking outside, you can stay in touch with your friends,  watch cool videos and even carry your work with you everywhere to maximize your personal productivity.

Say goodbye to bulky and hard to carry around devices,  because the IPC PRO 100 is set up to have the same performance results, in a lighter format and intuitive user experience!

With IPC PRO 100 take your productivity to the next level, and your entertainment too! Tough specificities, high performative, superfast processing thanks to its eighth generation Whiskey Lake architecture intel processor… all for you to achieve great work and bring all your dreams to reality.

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Our main vision was to come up with a strong high-tech product that is suitable for  both personal use and professional/industrial big-scaled operations.

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